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We are pleased to introduce the new upgraded version v2.1 of our Information Console portal. Toreion continues to invest in developing new features for this important tool because the IC Portal is the access point for all of our applications.

As a user you will find the new Tabbing feature makes it easier to navigate between the various Toreion applications that you use. Also, the new collapsible header now gives you more "real estate" in your browser window making your workspace more user friendly.

Toreion's Tabbed Experience!
Toreion Tabs allow the users to switch quickly between application workspaces without beginning a new session. This means that you can open more than one application inside the portal with each session opening a new tab. As you work on different applications clicking on an open tab lets you navigate between open sessions. Clicking the X on the Tab closes that application's session.

1. Whenever a new console application is open, a new tab is created. 2. This is the refresh option that can refresh only the selected tab while maintaining the other tabs. 3. Each tab can be closed individually by clicking the X.
*Tip - Browse through tabs easily by pressing "CTRL+SPACE".

Toreion's Quick Link ToolBar!
The Toreion Toolbar allows your administrators to setup Quick Launch links to frequently used applications. Simply clicking on the icon will launch the application. You'll notice that the Arrow key minimizes or expands the header.

  1. This is the special character button allows you to add special characters which are all supported within the Toreion portal.
  2. This arrow will allow you to expand and compress the header.

Got an Idea?
Got an idea that would make Toreion better - we'd love to hear about it. The idea for Toreion Tabs and Toolbars came from a real user just like you. By understanding how they were using our products the development team was able to enhance productivity for all our customers. If you have something to say just send an email to so that we can track your input. Who knows, the idea you submit just might end up in a future release and you'll be able to take all the credit! We'd love to hear from you.

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