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Exceptions, in the world of procurement, are costly. Incorrect product numbers, price errors, unacknowledged PO’s, incomplete paperwork and incorrect invoices can burn up a lot of time in a large procurement department, as employees chase paper in the hope of locating the correct information. TELUS Assure Procurement can stop the chase and deliver results! We provide your organization with:

  • Contract modules that keep your ERP system in sync with your trading partner’s current product numbers and prices.
  • An e-commerce marketplace for providing permission-based access to transaction online shopping, providing your buyers with accurate units-of-measure, up-to-date prices, and accurate product numbers, giving real-time visibility into organizational spend, while also, enforcing procurement controls.
  • Automated email notifications that advise your buyers when Acknowledgements have been issued.
  • Automated email escalation and routing for electronic requisitions, PO’s and POA’s so that your business doesn’t grind to a standstill when your buyers are out of the office.

TELUS Assure Procurement customers are enjoying the benefits listed above right now. Call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX to see how we can help you get there as well, or visit our website at the following URL:

Connecting Systems, People and Processes

Brian Hutton,
Senior Product Manager,
TELUS Health and Financial Solutions

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